Saturday, October 26, 2013


Pimento never tasted so good. My friend grows these babies for their seed but I like them roasted over an open fire. Try growing some next year. Check out baker creek heirloom seeds to buy them. They as worth the effort to grow and roast. Mmmmmm


It's true we now have a tractor and the little machine is now named thatcher.  It is a fine little machine that prefers to mow down hill in short grass though finds our farm to have many up hills and hip high grass. Also he prefers not to mow over trees larger than my wrist.  Goes on strike immediately if there is any question about a tree being to large.  


The honey is floral and tasty straight from the comb. 
I accidentally bumped the hive trying to loosen the first honey frame from the box. Oh boy, there was a swarm of commentary they flew up in my face for that. Several little honey makers found their way into my net and jacket. I did a special dance to let them know I did not appreciate having them in my clothes. After all the commotion every one settled down and I got the 2 frames I was intending to harvest before the Winter temps  set in this week. 

New pastures

We have expanded the fence and added new graze to the goat/geese area. An afternoon fencing with my wife, what a life. 

Oh we also bought another goat her name is Che. She is a little shy but warming up to our demands to cuddle her and rub her belly. She is a full blood nubian and has promise to be a wonderful milk producer. Mmmmm hard Che che cheese? I hope so.