Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pink eye

Iris, the good goat, did not take well to the addition of more goats to the herd. Like an aboriginal exposed to European flu she feel victim to illness. Iris spent 2 weeks blind in both eyes due to pink eye brought into the herd by a new goat. She endured a vet visit, both eyes stitched shut with med, and 2 weeks cloistered away in her own barn stall. she has regained most of her sight in one eye though the other seems to have failed her. This has made her all the more clingy     

New goats

We added to the herd. We now have 3 does and one buck. While bucks are nasty creatures the does are nice though skidish. I still have to say Iris is my favorite as she will come right over and lay her head on my shoulder when I crouch down. She also lets small children ride her around the pasture. All in all a real nice goat. 

Growth update

The high tunnel we installed this late Summer is yielding returns. We have several rows of Winter greens thriving in the cover of the tunnel. I am real happy with how it is performing. 


Well, this will be the 3rd greenhouse here at the farm the 1st two both were taken away by large storms. This one will, Lord willing, weather better. Lowes was discarding old used greenhouse panels and we were Blessed enough to get some. Bent over and supported these little 6x23 ft panels make a nice greenhouse set up. 

Dry wood

A month or so back we built a little wood shed. After 2 Winters of wet wood, FYI wet wood does not burn well and thus does not heat the house well, we built a wood shed. Nothing huge but 100% larger than what we had. 

Addition número 2

The time has come for the tiny house to yet again grow. This time we will be adding a little indoor bathroom set up, bedroom, and creative studio. Three days into the build and the roof is on. The hour after we finished, the rain started. It has been a relaxing project as I have been off work for Winter break. The downstairs will be 10x12. Upstairs our door to nowhere now leads to 10x6 studio space for Donnelly.