Friday, February 15, 2013

kitchen shelf: tiny house

using 2x6 planed black walnut that we timbered last year we made a nice top shelf in the kitchen. Awesome idea thanks to Donnelly. 

Side note: yes, I reused this photo but it adds perspective to where the top shelf is.

tiny house farm: grafting

Experimenting with grafting. We will see if the grafts work. I am hopeful. The trimmings of some rare and old trees are grafted onto less rare young trees. I hope this works as every one that works is like saving $30+ 

tiny house: big compost bin

AN important part of off grid living is dealing with waste. All of our scraps find their way into our new compost bin. The front swings open so we can store the pile. It is made of 2x4 sweet gum lumber. All the parts of this bin are recycled or reclaimed. Total cost: 1 hour of construction time, $0. 

tiny house inhabitants

Everybody wants to look out the stair window. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kitchen update: tiny house

As promised, here are some better photos of the kitchen in its current state. Shelves are going up often and Donnelly has been organizing. It is nice to have things settling into place

animal station

Under the stairs is one of those places that is either wasted or odd to find uses for. THe animals have claimed this "waste place" as theirs.

upstair tiny house

The upstairs is coming along. The addition of the closet has helped with organization and getting things settled. 

tiny house book shelf

The book shelf is complete. Above the stairs clung to the ceiling is a nice three compartment bookshelf.  Three years ago I would have needed a tiny house just for my books but having rediscovered the public library I have pared down. We now have an elite library, which is to say simply the essentials. Titles such as; If you give a mouse a cookie and vegetables a field guide. The book shelf helps keep order in the tiny house as I tend to pile paper on every free surface, sorry dear. There is even room on the shelf for my expanding files ( to hold every scrap of paper). It is refreshing to see such order and I do not even miss all the titles and files we gave away, such as my 6th grade report on WW2 ( which happens to be the same report I submitted in Comp2 just with a different grade) All that said here is the photo:

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the garden

The garden is one of the first things I started at the farm. The posts are to become an arbor and at their base are climbing plants (muscadines). The raised beds are filling up with leafy greens, brassicas, and onions. The herbs skirt a couple of fruit trees and two rows of berries provide a wind break. It is a work in progress but is taking a much better shape now that Donnelly is tending the garden. The pictures below are of the garden and then the upper field of the farm.  

morning exercise

Most mornings begin with a walk on the farm. One of the best things about moving out to the tiny house is that when we wake up and see the beauty around us we are inspired to go for a walk. This is a full family event. As you will see: 
Beauty inspired a walk
Lynx loves the morning walk
But gets tired and wants a ride for most of the walk
worn out from all the walking

Its a rough way to start the day but it sure is nice. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

forest clearing: tiny house yard

To the East of the house is a beautiful view out at the rolling property, lowland, and in the distance Lookout mountain. Thanks to a few days of hard work, some spilled blood ( see chain saw accident) and the dedication of my wife we now have a clean "yard". The hammock fits wonderfully bestrewn the tall trees with no scrub scratching below. We can throw the ball down the hill and let Wrangler chase it with out fear of brambles consuming her. It is a glorious thing to have a well managed forest floor.

tiny house porch update

The porch is still in progress but a section is now roofed, sans metal. The piers are in place for the next phase of porch construction and we have bought the metal for the Eastern roof. When the rain is not blowing sideways the roof is a nice feature protecting the front porch chattel.

tiny house kitchen update

The tiny house kitchen continues to transform as we get more settled into the rhythm of life. These photos were a few days ago. I hope to add some more posts with the new look of the kitchen soon. When we finish the plumbing and have running water at the tiny house I am sure the kitchen will morph again.