Monday, February 11, 2013

tiny house wood stove

The stove is in. It has been in for weeks and the chimney is up and the house is warm and well life is good. Having not written consistently for weeks it is now time to play a little catch up.
We installed the stove at the tiny house. It heats the place much better than it attempted to heat the old house. Possibly because this house is more its size though I choose to believe it heats better because it is more comfortable in a woodland home. I have note had the time to create the heat shield around the stove so for now the floor has some  tiles scooting around at the base of the stove and the walls are protected with metal roofing panels bent around the stove. It is not the most beautiful thing we have ever done but it is warm and when Spring arrives we will have time to tinker and arrange and aesthetically create the stove corner.

 side note: we used mountain stone to create a wide heavy base
side note: we will stucco the outside of the chimney come warmer weather. Probably about the time we side the house.

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