Thursday, February 14, 2013

tiny house book shelf

The book shelf is complete. Above the stairs clung to the ceiling is a nice three compartment bookshelf.  Three years ago I would have needed a tiny house just for my books but having rediscovered the public library I have pared down. We now have an elite library, which is to say simply the essentials. Titles such as; If you give a mouse a cookie and vegetables a field guide. The book shelf helps keep order in the tiny house as I tend to pile paper on every free surface, sorry dear. There is even room on the shelf for my expanding files ( to hold every scrap of paper). It is refreshing to see such order and I do not even miss all the titles and files we gave away, such as my 6th grade report on WW2 ( which happens to be the same report I submitted in Comp2 just with a different grade) All that said here is the photo:

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