Monday, February 11, 2013

tiny house closet design

The closet is built. Well, it is being used. It still needs some more finishing touches but all in all it is functional. Our cat (Lynx) believes we built it for her and she is now accepting visitors in the hamper area of the closet. But seriously, we are glad to have a place to organize the clothes. The closet has also created a nice definition of space in the upstairs. We no longer feel like we are in the bedroom when we are sitting in the living room area.
We used saw mill poplar as our closet surround, which we timbered and had milled last year. The interior 2x2 wood frame is made of both oak and cedar. These were in the free pile at the mill as they were either rotten on an end, scabby, or otherwise blemished. In total the closet addition cost less than $20 and will host most of our clothes and act as a defining (movable) wall. With some sanding and Bree wax, thanks to Donnelly,  the closet looks great.
 side note: yes the ceiling is currently black. We will use the black as a back drop to the wood ceiling that is to come.
side note: yes we have more clothes but we had not put them in the closet yet. I wish those were all of them.

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