Saturday, August 17, 2013

Quail tractor 2.0

Well the previous quail tractor proved to be a sub optimal design. It served its purpose but not so efficiently. Quail tractor 2.0 has considerations for egg gathering, ease of moving, as well as accessibility to grass while providing cover from kitty. Oh and quail tractor 2.0 also features larger living quarters for more friends.


  1. I am thinking of building one too. How do you move the tractor with the birds in it? DO you have to capture them every time you move it? I ask because I don't see a wire bottom, which makes moving easier, but definitely gets in the way of scratching and gathering in the grass.


    1. Darren,

      There is a wire bottom though it gets a little caked with grass and poo. If I had to do it again ( and will) I would make several hoops and let them "migrate" between the hoops. Currently I just drag the tractor while tipping it up on a corner (this keeps their feet safe) the eggs fit through 1inch chicken wire fairly well and as such remain on the ground when I pick it up.

      good luck.