Friday, February 28, 2014


Though we opted for an open floor plan in the house ( easy when one floor is two hundred square feet), we determined the porch needed some delineating features. Enter the rail. We utilized spare wood left from another intended project that was never realized and created a picket rail to the poarch. Concerned that the pickets would block our view down into the lower pasture we opted to use galvanized suspension cabling on the East rail. The cabling keeps the view open while keeping dogs, children, and me from flying off the poarch. Two months back I took a nasty spill off the porch and landed on my neck. The rock that caught me was less than forgiving. I have now retired my Eno hammock, age 3. With no ripes, tears, or flaws it split open down the middle with me in it resulting in the spill. Lucky for us we now have a rail to keep me in and I will not be trusting our second Eno, located in a the bottom of a deep box. We are loving the new rail though not as much as kitty. She has taken up semi preeminent napping residence on the rail and really loves the addition the he porch. 

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  1. great to learn more every day. I really enjoyed your article. Personally, I recently joined the Tiny House Movement and am enjoying every bit of it.

    ps. i personally built a picture site dedicated to the tiny house movement. You can share all your Tiny house living pics from your building process to plans used, for the benefit of others just joining our movement