Wednesday, October 31, 2012

delay at the tiny house

We did not make as much progress yesterday as we had hoped. The neighbor that was coming over to help dig  the water line with his tractor said he could not do it as planned. We ended up spending more time wiring as we figured we might as well run wires to places we might want electricity one day. It is much easier to run wire with the walls open after all. We also made a supply run to Lowes. this always takes forever considering we are not near Lowes. I would rather be far away and make trips now than close and deal with the traffic for always.
The real set back though was the little friend I encountered under the house. As I belly crawled under the house to pull aware from one side of the house to the other I pulled back the vapor barrier to discover a cricket, a spider and a snake. I will let you guess which one I was least comfortable with being inches from my face. I let out a little whimper ( a manly one of course) and slowly backed out of my vulnerable position. My wife asked what I found. I told her it was a real scary spider. She immediately called my bluff and asked how big the snake was. She knows me too well for me to pull that sorta trick. An hour later I was back under the house vapor barrier removed to the "yard" and seriously unnerved by not being able to find the snake. Better a threat I can see than a sneaky one I can not.
Plan to sheet rock, postpones. The sun set with one sheet hung. I will spare you photos again today considering I did not take any. I will try to get better about that.

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