Thursday, October 18, 2012


Now that the insulation is installed downstairs we have turned our attention toward the kitchen countertops. We plan to install concrete counters as we have in our current home. They are an excellent addition and allow us to increase thermal mass in the house as well as increase class. We will plan to place the drop in cast iron double sink, a craigslist find at $25, directly below the window on the South wall. The “new” still in the box and wrapper Ikea gas cooktop, a Restore find at $50, will sit below the East wall window. We have covered the walls below the counter in plywood, reclaimed from shipping pallets. The counters will stand two inches higher than “standard” counters considering that we are taller than the average person. At six foot six inches tall my back starts to hurt bending over traditional counters so the height adjustment is a nice comfort addition to the kitchen. 

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