Tuesday, November 27, 2012

planting and harvest

With the break from building we have had time to invest in other needs. This weekend we planted about 490 garlic plants. Though it is a little late to plant the garlic the soil is still warm and should help them get a good start. Now we wait until July to harvest them. We also spent some time watching the sun set as we harvested some of the peanuts we planted. Yes, we should have done this months ago. Yes, lots of the peanuts were ruined because we had not harvested them sooner. The consolation is that there are lots of peanuts to use as seed for next year.
The first frost has hit and taken with it all of the beautiful flowers in our yard, the pepper plants as well as the final growth of the sweet potatoes. It is sad to see all the lingering Summer joys slip away in one night. On to the grey month and the subfusc evenings cozied around the wood stove.

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