Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tiny house other tasks

The onset of cool weather has brought on a new focus. We have been clearing land and chopping fire wood. The tiny house continues to rest in its almost done state as we move timbers and trees and branches. The wood stove is hot and the fire seldom wants for wood as we stoke it to capacity.

Our ducks are embracing the cold with new feathers. They have taken on a multi tone look. Meanwhile the cat and dog are both sleeping by the stove as often as possible, unless we are outside in which case they follow us around the yard. Yes, the cat too.

We have added a worm compost bin to our critter collection as well. The students at the school, were I work, are raising worms to study how they decompose matter into soil. I am tending one of the bins at home just in case we have a classroom unit that "fails" or is accidentally killed with love, as young students have so much love to show the worms.

So, as usual we are staying busy. Last night I started looking at seeds for next years planting. Though the cold is set in for the winter months the planning for Spring warmth is underway as it will be hear before we know it.

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