Monday, December 10, 2012

tiny house: stairs

My last post was about the future stairs. Well, The ladder has been replaced by actual stairs. My wife woke up the other day and said," I feel like building something today." And so the stairs were born. One short trip to the lumber mill and a few measurements latter we had stairs, or at least 2/3 of them.

for those interested in the details: the stairs are 2 ft wide including the stringers. That makes the treads 20 inches each. They are steep and small. 6 inches between treads with about 11 inch treads. The steps are overlapped so that about 6 inches are exposed per tread, which is to say it is like a ladder mixed with stairs leaned up at a moderate angle. The one stringer is lag screwed to the wall and the other is connected to the floor above. It will also be connected to the 6x6 that we just put in place.
This 6x6 rests on a 6x6 floor beam below it and it will provide added rigidity to the floor above as well as support to the stairs. The beam really adds a nice feel to the aesthetic of the house too, if you ask me. 

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