Monday, December 3, 2012

trim, tiny house

Yesterday evening we hung a few pieces of miscellaneous drywall. Oh how I hate miscellaneous drywall pieces. The little odd cuts and fitting them into just the right place, blah. Part way through my wife stops to express a serious concern. I was obviously un aware os a serious issue evident on my face as I shockingly looked up at her. I was kneeling down screwing in a little piece of dry way near the floor, it was not going so well. When I stopped to ask her about her concern. She expressed that the house was not sure about the house. Meanwhile my mind was racing about the small size, off grid, or heating issues. No, she was concerned about trim. Apparently, every time I could not get something just right I would say, " I plan to put a little trim right there." After weeks and possibly months of me planning to put a little trim here and there and there and a little over here she was getting major concurs.  We both laughed a little and went on with our work. I now with every piece of drywall inform her that I will be putting a little trim on it.

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