Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cucumbers drool, pickles rule

    It is the middle end of June and the canning hath begun. Few things bring such joy in a warm sticky kitchen in the middle of summer as the sweet sound of lids sealing. Last week our kitchen was filled with the smell of warm vinegar and fresh dill. Twenty pounds of cucumbers were baptized into the elite club of pickles. I have never been fond of cucumbers in their raw state. I consider it just plain cruel to include them in a salad or any other dish where they will be recognized...but pickles oh my, yum.
   Patience now taunts me daily. Resisting the little gems was proving to be a challenge, and so they have all been tucked into the depths of storage. Dear January, I think you are going to love these little spicy pickles, lets hope I can wait at least until October.

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