Saturday, July 20, 2013

everything update

Well, I have been out of school for the Summer and thus lack the constant internet used to update this blog. A little catchup here. Siding; still not done but getting more done by the week. Toilet; arrived in the mail yet still to plumb/ build the base ( composting toilet with a "dirty grey water" drain). The patio; has gravel down. the furnace; the hole is dug and a trench dug for running the hot air into the house. landscaping: this is always first to be done. Lowes had a deal on dying plants and so we bought trees and shrubs, flowers and herbs, as well as a few lime trees. The geo thermal concept is designed and the hole is dug yet we lack all the supplies to finish it yet. The garden has been struggling due to excess rain and a cool cloudy Summer. We are working to build soil fertility and chalk this year, as well as the past two, up to building tilth and nutrient density. Oh, we also built/ are building a barn. Pictures of all projects to come.

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  1. i really need to come visit ... this all sounds so cool!