Wednesday, April 3, 2013

farm table

      Well, The tiny timber house has a new piece of furniture. The farm table is built. We completed part of the deck and immediately adorned it with the farm table.
      A year and a half ago on our honeymoon Donnelly and I timbered a tall cherry tree. The tree was suffering from invasive English Ivy. We fell the tree and rolled it down the hill to our truck. There it sat to dry. As it turns out dry or not cherry wood is heavy. We set up a ramp of logs and a lever system of logs and outsmarted the cherry. It ended up in the back of our truck and off to the mill. Lemowen, our master man of the saw, cut the tree into beautiful planks which have become shelves and other things around the house but the original purpose of the wood was for the farm table. That purpose was realized this weekend.
      Lemowen had an old barn that was falling in and he gave us the beams from it. With these beams Donnelly planned to build a table for guests to enjoy farm fresh meals upon. As she began assembling the materials for the project I slipped away to the wood pile where I had been curing the cherry. When I returned she had the legs ready to go and we assembled the top. I think it turned out nice, my wife has excellent taste.
     The farm table bench, also her idea, is made from old barn wood. The heart pine is sanded down to reveal the old saw marks. It is gorgeous stuff and comfy too.

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