Friday, April 19, 2013

plumbing gone wrong

    As it turns out I am a terrible plumber. Despite working as a plumbers assistant in college for a season, I am a terrible plumber. I might have realized plumbing is not for me while working for the plumber in college. On my first day of work we had to send a motorized wire auger contraption into a toilet drain. Lord only knows what was being flushed at this hair salon but the sewer did not like it and put a stop to the flow. I was amazed by the sight of the auger in motion. I stood looking down the open whole suited in an apron and gloves, mouth agape. I think you see where this is going. As the auger came out of the whole spraying sewer straight up into my open face the plumber looked over at me a simply said, "son, you are going to need to learn to keep your mouth shut." I have ever since had a bad taste in my mouth for plumbing.
     This week I have plumbed our water line twice and both times it has leaked. Apparently someone ran into one of our frost free hydrants and broke the water line. Thus the reason for needing to fix it. And my terrible plumbing skills are the reason for re fixing it as well as the reason for now needing to fix it again.
 post by: Steve


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  3. I never thought that I am person can introduce him as a terrible. It seldom happens that we wanna fix something but it gets more spoiled.

    Stacy@ boiler breakdown

  4. I empathize with you with regards to your plumbing skills. Although I don’t think I had sewage shot up to my mouth, there have been a few incidents that have forever sworn me off from trying to DIY plumbing work. I do have a friend that helps me for a song (well, a lunch and maybe a dinner). At least that’s cheaper than getting an actual plumber.

    Darryl Iorio

    1. Its is great to have community with people that have the willingness and skills to help. for sure.


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