Thursday, September 13, 2012

another duck design

In the interest of planning, I have sketched my thoughts on our future duck habitat. We are planning to enclose the ducks in a mesh fence with a picket fence facing the road and drive. The picket fence will act as an attractive screen as well as a light shading for the ducks. We will also have a large oak tree in the enclosure. I plan to make a small pond for them to primp and swim in as well. The pond will be about a foot and a half deep with a large three to four inch drain. As the ducks dirty the water i will be able to drain the pond, collect the "pond tea" for fertilizer, and refill the pond with clear and clean water. This drain system is possible considering that the duck area is slightly raised above our drive and I will be able to run the drain pipe to the drive. A small duck house will allow for night cloistering and secure egg laying.

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