Wednesday, September 12, 2012

future project, cellar

The drawing here are concepts of a future  project I hope to undertake on the farm. I hope to build a root cellar cut into the side of a hill near the tiny house. The root cellar will allow us to store things such as potatoes for up to nine months. Keeping the environmental impact of the tiny house low means looking for ways to reduce our need for energy consuming devices such s large refrigerators. We do plan to have a refrigerator, but think small. The fridge we will employ would not hold an entire harvest though the root cellar will be able to do so. By placing the cellar in the hillside and developing a living roof on it we will capitalize on the cool soil temperature. We will plant vegetation in front of the Structure to reduce the thermal gain caused by the sun. Gravel and perforated pipe will be used to reduce moister in the cellar as well. Not shown in the diagram will be vent pipes. Vents are necessary to ensure air movement and keep produce fresh.

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  1. Excellent sketch and a really basic design that will yield ideal results!