Tuesday, September 11, 2012

second floor update

 The second floor is almost done. We have to a few windows to install and the stud work to support said windows. The roof is coming along nicely. We have all of the roof trusses up as of this past weekend. The pictures hearer show all but two trusses up. The photos also show the house before the North wall was built. More photos are to come. I often get distracted with building and forget to stop and take photos of the progress. We are using metal roofing and a radiant barrier on the roof. We nailed wide purlins in place to stabilize the trusses before placing the radiant barrier down. Once the radiant insulation was in place we nailed purlins on top of our wide purlins. These top purlins will allow us to screw the metal down while still maintaining an air space between the radiant insulation and the metal roof. This air gap is important in order for the radiant barrier to work properly, according to my reading.
The main floor is wrapped in tyvek. The windows are in and it is starting to feel like a real house. My next post will have the first photos of inside.


  1. Great.A very nice work done by you.The mountain farm is looking so beautiful and your planning for metal roofing is quite appreciable as it is one of the most durable type of roofing.Although the metal roofing cost is high comparatively but it provide a complete protection from heat and winds also.

    1. Thanks Kiara, Yes the cost is considerable but if you figure that I can gutter the roof and use the rain water it is definitely worth the investment.