Sunday, September 16, 2012

Autumn Shoots

The fall shoots are proudly popping up in the garden. 

Bright turnips letting their hair out. I was delighted to remember these were turnips and not radishes. 

A splendid example of the honesty of seeds. Even though I had forgotten that I was exhausted at this point in the planting, the broccoli seeds had not. Stephen politely wanted to know what had happened to my usual organized planting style. For a moment I thought about making up a clever story, you know those deer cannot be trusted with anything! (Alas the broccoli was ratting me out in plain sight) Dumping out a seed packet at sunset to proudly announce that you are finished planting is not recommended. You can be certain your seed sins  will surely find you out. 

Thinning seedlings just might be one of the most painful tasks of gardening for me. In a way I feel as though I am splitting up a second grade romance, just heart wrenching... this is where my charming husband comes in to be my knight. 
The blogger. 
A wonderful gift from Papa, by far the cutest shovel I have ever beheld. 
I was tickled to find this little fellow chocking under the native grasses. The rosemary is recovering nicely thanks to aggressive weeding measures. 

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