Sunday, September 16, 2012

Roof work

     Looking up throughout the "vent" where the chimney will go you can see the roof is coming nicely. We used radiant bubble insulation under the metal roof. The bubble insulation is placed under the purlins so as to create an air space that allows the radiant barrier to do its job. We did not place insulation under the overhang outside the house as we did not feel it was essential to protect the air below the roof.
       The bubble insulation is rated to R-11. Considering that most 2x4 walls are filled with R-13, I feel R-11 is a great value for such a thin layer of insulation. We do still plan to put standard insulation in-between the roof trusses. The standard insulation will be rated R-30. This will bring our combined roof insulation to R-41 plus the radiant barrier that reflects heat. All together it should be a well insulated roof, keeping out heat in the Summer and keeping in heat in the Winter.


  1. Bubble insulation is a good choice, Stephen! The main purpose of any roof insulator is to protect and maintain the home’s standard interior temperature, but bubble wrap insulation has more to offer. Aside from the usual functions, it also provides a barrier against insect and rodent infestation.

    - Willene Fagen

  2. Thanks for the input Willene. I think we are definitely going to like the bubble insulation. I cost compared the R-3 ridged insulation per sq/ft and found the bubble to also be more cost effective. Not to mention it is R-11 and more cost effective.

  3. Putting up a bubble insulation, or other kinds of insulation for that matter, has good effects on our environment, as these greatly reduce our carbon emission. Hence, it goes without saying that this allows us to help the environment in our own little way.

    Lue Madson

  4. People, bubble insulation is also effective in attics. It can be installed between the floor joists and rafters, you know. Just make sure, that the attic is properly ventilated, okay? If you do not know how to install it yourself, do not do a DIY out of the blue and just to save money. It would be better if you refer to a professional contractor for guidance.

    Tisa See

  5. Great job choosing the bubble wrap insulation! About the Insulation R-Values, anything within the range from R-11 to R-28c you can use with wood frame ceilings. Though, the right choice would still depend on the climate in your area. Since you are from Tennessee, you might want to use an R-11 to R-15c insulation.

    Sierra Nordgren

  6. Installing bubble insulation or any other insulation is very beneficial! Bubble insulation is both cost-effective and energy efficient, making it the best choice of insulation to invest in insulation and benefit from.

    -Linda Wise